Tom Sliter
  Tom began serious work as a fine art photographer in 2014.  Among his earliest inspirations were the works of Ansel Adams and the Westons for their mastery of composition and the subtleties of grayscale and Margaret Bourke-White for the boldness and beauty with which she portrayed the natural and man-made world. These masters guided his choice of the black and white medium and the fine art print as its ultimate expression. 
Today, he remains captivated by the ability of a good black and white print to isolate the essence of light and shadow, shape and texture, all while evoking a broader range of emotions. Within an image, he seeks to create a perspective that encourages questions and prompts a deeper engagement with each viewing.  He also has a passion for sailing and marine and aviation photography.
Tom does much of his work using Nikon and Olympus digital cameras and Lightroom, Photoshop, and Nik software for most post-processing and an Epson 3880 printer and Canson, Moab, and Red River archival papers for printing.

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